Sunday, June 26, 2011

Maria's Packaged Goods & Community Bar
along w/ Full Spectrum's very own Luis Gabriel Aguilera present
(Because the first one was so good...)
Thursday, July 21st - 9pm -2am - Free, no cover
Hosted by Luis Gabriel Aguilera:
@ Maria's: 960 W. 31st St., Chicago, Il. 60608, 773-890-0588

In June, Full Spectrum was thrilled to supply an evening's worth of electronic dance music @ "Maria's" taken from LGA's very own stash of mixtapes from various DJ artists dating from 1984 - 2001. Live recordings of house music and disco mixes from the now defunct Chicago radio station "WBMX" were played; alternative beats from an XLII 100 tape were dished out; an acid techno tape by DJ Tron (R.I.P.) was cranked out at the end; and even a local DJ legend (Victor Lua) dropped by with something that had come from a shoebox stash in true D.I.Y. spirit! Incredible...

This all happened @ Maria's, a Chicago spot that gives you some of the best beer in town, incredible cocktails by superb mixologists, boutique whiskey, gin and vodka spirits, and a warm and eclectic vibe.

Everyone had so much fun that we're doing it again!

Thursty, July 21st: HURRAY FOR THE MIXTAPE 2! @ Maria's

What is it about? (We're repeating this below -- in case you didn't get the memo...)

For the last 25 years or so, Luis has been collecting electronic music in vinyl, tape, CD, and digital form, with a focus on electronic dance music such as HI-NRG, Italo Disco, early House, Industrial, New Wave, House, Techno, Tech House, Drum 'n Bass, Trance , Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat, Goa and so forth.

The story goes that his father bought him his first cassette tape which included Newcleus' "Jam on It" in the summer of 1984 in Chicago's Maxwell Street Flea market right after Luis first heard the song and watched a group of Chicago breakers (on a flattened cardboard box) "poppin'" "lockin'" and "spinnin'" to the electrified beat. Finding that nothing else quite awakened Luis like the sounds of electronic music, his father encouraged the boy by later on purchasing for him a 10-pack cassette box set to record whatever he liked. And late into the night Luis did just that, recording DJ sets from "Armando's ain't no jive dance party" off the legendary Chicago radio station 102.7 FM WBMX, eventually landing him in vinyl junkie heaven (Chicago's Loop Records and Importes Etc.) where he would put in his hours to amass his current wax collection and begin his DJ artistry by simply listening to the coolest sounds of the underground and the wise advice of the older generation shopping there.
(Oh, how he made his mother wonder when he would return home in late at night on his Kent banana seat bike on a Saturday night.)

In the 90s, Luis discovered the rave scene (or, shall we say, the rave scene discovered him), and having already begun a mixtape collection of DJ sets from various Chicago DJ artists representing various genres, Luis added to this collection when he began producing raves from the ground up and would travel across the Midwestern States and sometimes to places as far away as New Orleans and Toronto, promoting his events and vending DJ mixes, as well as trading tapes and CDs of DJ sets with other vendors such as JJ of Untranslatable, Matt Massive of Massive Magazine, and later on, Ken of Pure Acid Mixtapes out of Los Angeles.

On Thursday, July 21st, Luis will again be showcasing some of his favorite mixtapes for the night. In the coming days, he will also hunt down what stashes some of his DJ friends might have...Make sure to bring YOUR open ears and packaged goods. As any DJ will tell you, a dream tape can lead to a lot of places.

The Machine for the Evening: TASCAM 302 Double Auto Reverse Cassette Deck ("Mr. T" to Luis)

This bad boy has built-in Dolby HX Pro sound technology which extends frequency response and minimizes distortion on Normal, Metal or CrO2 tape. The 302 permits fine adjustment of high frequency response and possesses Dolby B and C noise reduction. Frequency response: 25 Hz to 20 kHz using high quality Metal tape. It basically rocks!

The unit consist of two fully independent cassette decks housed in one 3U rack-mountable enclosure. Both decks have independent sets of interface connectors, transport control keys, noise reduction functions, LED peak meters and more, capable of recording both independently or simultaneously. With Control I/O and Cascade, the 302 can link with up to ten additional machines. Mr. T may be older, but who messes with Mr. T? I pity the fool!

Heck, it even has separate pitch controls for each deck and independent outs -- so you can literally mix with it! Craziness...

* Buy Luis a drink @ the bar for $6 and receive a sealed Full Spectrum mixtape - a genuine artifact of times now gone! (The fact of the matter is that Luis got so lit last time that he ended up giving away what mixtapes he had...'nuff said!)




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