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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thursday, March 29th – 8pm-2am – Free, no cover
Presented by Full Spectrum
Hosted by: Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar | 960 W. 31st St. | Chicago, Il. 60608 | 773-890-0588

Music Selections by Maria's Resident DJ:
LGA | aka Luis Gabriel Aguilera | Full Spectrum | Chicago

Drawing from a collection of electronic dance music mixtapes from 1984 and on, Full Spectrum's LGA transmits for the evening his favorite sets from some of the best local, national and international DJs he's come across. Musical genres and subgenres include: HI-NRG, Italo Disco, early 80s House, 90s Industrial, Freestyle, Early Breaks, 90s New Wave, House, Techno, Tech House, Drum ‘n Bass, Trance, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat, Goa, West Coast House, Speedcore, and more! (And while not exactly EDM, don’t be surprised to hear an authentic 80s reggae “mixtape” from the “Island” itself now and then.)

Special Guest Artist:
Victor Montañez | Rebel X | Chicago

Chicago artist and social activist Victor Montañez will be bringing his “Rebel Mannequins.” Come to interact and see what the fuss is all about…

Luis on the mixtape series:

“People have asked what the mixtape series is all about and I just give a few bits and pieces without getting into the nitty-gritty or the overall big picture. So I’m glad to be able to use this space here to put down a few things on the mixtape series, not just for myself, but perhaps for others too.

Is the mixtape series one with a nostalgic hook? Sure it is. But that only fit well into what I wanted to do last year and wasn’t the basis for the series. I didn’t think, ‘How can I make a nostalgic series to grab the attention of people?’ What really happened is that one day I looked around and noticed just how many electronic dance music mixtapes I had in my collection that I hadn’t even unwrapped. From previous mixtapes of the same DJ artists I had in my collection, I knew that these were probably pretty good sets. But l had assumed this, and in a way had taken the artists and their works for granted – caught up with whatever I was doing at the time. (And how many times do we accumulate things without knowing what we are actually receiving?)

So I thought to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to just go over these tapes and showcase them for others who probably never heard of these DJ artists, much less these sets – plus, finally get to hear them myself?’

As I thought about how to make this work, it so happened that sitting next to that box of mixtapes was also a box of letters I had received from a high school sweetheart. While picking at them, I realized I hadn’t read them all either. (So I was twice humbled that day, knowing that the mixtapes weren’t the first time I had missed the conveying messages - again, being caught up in whatever was going on in life at that time.)

It was in that way, in the quiet solitude of a storage unit, where I realized how long it had been since I was really tuned in to how I originally got into playing all sorts of electronic dance music: by listening to someone else’s mix, their voice really. I thought of those thirty, sixty, or ninety-minute mixtape narratives that took me to meditative places. And I wondered about the indispensable art of listening that is performed with extreme, but graceful care as well.

So, yes, the Hooray for the Mixtape series is one which is committed to exposure of various artists, musical genres, etc., but it is also about presenting someone else’s narrative (or theme); the art of telling a story or theme by using music and solidifying this art of listening to 30-60-90 minute increments. It is in part egotistical so much as I’m selecting what will be played. But it is selfless also, as I present the works of others, the sounds of others and I submit to hearing what others, including the artists these DJs have selected to represent their sentiments, stories, themes, what not, have to say.

If there is a touch of nostalgia in this series for me, it is more about being taken back to when I was roughly eleven or twelve and was first driven pleasantly happy to newfound mental soundscapes where the many become one.  And that’s it for me on the nostalgic aspect of this series.

Looking around Maria’s on a “Hooray for the Mixtape” night, I am pleased to find a lot of wonderful conversation taking place. But I am also pleased to see folks listening to those across or next to them. That’s a good place to be.”

Monday, March 5, 2012

Après -Ski Party (the winter series continues @ Maria’s!)
Fri  | Mar 16th | 8pm - 2am – FREE, no cover
Presented by: Full Spectrum
Hosted by: Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar | 960 W 31st | Chicago | 773-890-0588
Music by Maria’s Resident DJ: LGA | aka Luis Gabriel Aguilera
& Snow Docta’
Ski films by: KGB Productions & Toy Soldier Productions

For the past few months, Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar has been hosting a monthly winter series “Après-Ski Party” complete with hot toddies, Maria’s perfect ski lodge-like décor of dark wooden walls adorned with mounted deer heads and a heated outdoors where guests have enjoyed their toddies, mulled drinks or glugs. Revelers have even dropped by in ski and snowboard gear! All in all, it’s been one sick ride. No doubt.

As the approaching Spring ski season arrives, winter recreationists have seen a good start to the season and a dud of a snowfall for the northern resorts in the U.S. for the month of December. BUT…a change of weather starting in late January have brought about record snowfalls. Steamboat resort, for instance, set a record of 27 inches of snowfall only a few weeks ago! And there’s been a consistent flow of snow touching local resorts like Copper Mountain. So on that solid note, we’re wrapping up our Après -Ski Party series.

Drop by Friday, March 16th to check out what may be one of your last chances to enjoy this spectacular series. And thanks to all of you who have been part of the good times.

The Music

Luis Gabriel Aguilera | aka LGA

The concept man behind Full Spectrum and its notable raves of the 1990s: Bonkers, Bonkers Dos, No Place Like Home and the Samsara series, as well as flirtations at the now defunct but legendary Sonotheque nightclub, LGA is once more delivering the musical goodies  – this time at Maria’s via the monthly Hooray for the Mixtape! (HFTM!) series where he showcases mixtape DJ sets from 1984 – 2001, occasionally playing a recorded or live set of his own.

As a DJ, Luis has performed in places like Toronto, Costa Rica, Mexico City, Guanajuato and across the Midwestern States. And like a skier gliding across fresh pow, the published author (Gabriel’s Fire, The University of Chicago Press, 2000), is also currently producing techno, tech-house and what he terms DC Fusion, a nod to both the Chicago House and Detroit Techno music scenes, as well as his experimental and ambient works. Rest assured that LGA is probing for the right music for this après-ski party to put us all in that good mood. Come with no expectations. Be a part of having a good time.


Today's après-ski parties are not just about ski aficionados, 60s and 70s go-go lounge music and the like - though we really like this stuff too! But with all sorts of snow revelers on board, the musical tastes of these arctic party-goers have taken to also include fresh hip-hop grooves (some of them classic tongue twists and turns, some of them new skool roots moguls) from Coast to Coast and places like Italy, France, etc. – in step with what a culture is: dynamic, not static.

The Snow Docta' understands that what is forever young is forever growing, morphing, evolving but is at the same time eternally paying respects to what keeps the energy and flow going. Be open and ready to receive those audio transmissions from the Snow Docta'!

Videos By:

We’ve solicited the contributions of the fully integrated boutique HD production company KGB Productions (Wyoming) and ski film crew Toy Soldier Productions (Montana) as part of the visual package for the “after-ski party” journey @ Maria’s. Be ready to be mesmerized by epic proportions of land, snow and human will.