Tuesday, September 18, 2012

HOORAY FOR THE MIXTAPE 16!: A Special Monog Records Listening Event!!!!!!  
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18th | 8pm-2am | FREE, never a cover @ Maria’s
Presented by
960 W. 31st St. | Chicago, IL 60608 | 773-890-0588

(Luis has put together a mix to download for FREE as a way of saying “thank you” to those supporting our events @ Maria’s. Get our first release of the “PUSH PLAY” mini-mix series HERE and enjoy! And be on the lookout for more to come.)

Besides our usual fare of choice mixtape selections by Maria’s resident DJ, LGA| aka Luis Gabriel Aguilera , Luis will also be playing an exclusive Monog Records set at midnite to celebrate the EP release from our friend Joal from Lisbon, Portugal. Today is the official date of Joal’s latest Monog Records release “Rest in Eden” EP. And it is just phenomenal.

Once in a while an underground dance music label comes around that brings a DJ back to the fundamentals of why he or she spends so numerous hours (days really) digging, discovering and enjoying what he or she plays - whether it’s in front of a crowd or at home. MONOG RECORDS is one of those labels. So drop by to check it out and get your groove on!

Guest DJ for this EVENT: ATECH

Thursday, September 13, 2012

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th | 8pm-3am | FREE, no cover
Presented by
960 W. 31st St. | Chicago, IL 60608 | 773-890-0588

Come ring in Mexican Independence Day @ Maria’s and come to the finale of our 2012 “Beachy” series. Better yet, let's make it a threesome and celebrate the revolution inside all of us as well!
But don’t expect the same old song and hat dance. No sombreros, nor pistolas for Maria’s resident DJ – known simply to his friends as “Luis.” Nope. For this native Gunajuatoan (the state of Guanjuato is where the famous Mexican “Cry” for independence was delivered), revolution is a real upgrade, organic and dynamic, not dead; a refining of what works best; a subtraction of what does not work; and a constant search and discovery for what illuminates. Revolution is a culture that grows and doesn't just get plastered on some coffee mug for a buck to look cool.
And what a little sound revolution we've had. With the “Beachy” series, we so far have offered a musical pot called “eclectic beach,” simmering with chill down tempo, space rock, 70s classic rock, classic surf, roots reggae, etc., and coming to a boil with late night tech house sounds and beat down techno that would titillate the heartiest Ibiza bound or Brazilian revelers - everybody just happily getting along. So let’s see what Luis cooks up for this last homage to the love of the beach and that final rest you get after a hard day's work.
Come with an open mind, because a real revolution begins within.

Music SELECTIONS by Maria's Resident DJ:
LGA | aka Luis Gabriel Aguilera | Full Spectrum | Chicago