Thursday, September 13, 2012

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 15th | 8pm-3am | FREE, no cover
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960 W. 31st St. | Chicago, IL 60608 | 773-890-0588

Come ring in Mexican Independence Day @ Maria’s and come to the finale of our 2012 “Beachy” series. Better yet, let's make it a threesome and celebrate the revolution inside all of us as well!
But don’t expect the same old song and hat dance. No sombreros, nor pistolas for Maria’s resident DJ – known simply to his friends as “Luis.” Nope. For this native Gunajuatoan (the state of Guanjuato is where the famous Mexican “Cry” for independence was delivered), revolution is a real upgrade, organic and dynamic, not dead; a refining of what works best; a subtraction of what does not work; and a constant search and discovery for what illuminates. Revolution is a culture that grows and doesn't just get plastered on some coffee mug for a buck to look cool.
And what a little sound revolution we've had. With the “Beachy” series, we so far have offered a musical pot called “eclectic beach,” simmering with chill down tempo, space rock, 70s classic rock, classic surf, roots reggae, etc., and coming to a boil with late night tech house sounds and beat down techno that would titillate the heartiest Ibiza bound or Brazilian revelers - everybody just happily getting along. So let’s see what Luis cooks up for this last homage to the love of the beach and that final rest you get after a hard day's work.
Come with an open mind, because a real revolution begins within.

Music SELECTIONS by Maria's Resident DJ:
LGA | aka Luis Gabriel Aguilera | Full Spectrum | Chicago 

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