Thursday, August 6, 2009

Full Spectrum presents La Poderosa: The Final Summer Installment @ Sonotheque

On Wednesday, August 12th, the summer series comes to an end...

The final summer expedition of La Poderosa is drawing near. Whether listening to the sounds of Julieta Venegas (US); Zoé or El Gran Silencio (México); Aterciopelados (Columbia); Soda Stereo (Argentina); Hombres G or Héroes del Silencio (España), our travels have led us to enjoy a smooth and bumpy sonic road, captivated by what we feel.

Come ride La Poderosa one final time for the summer on a tour of a musical landscape shaped not just by material experience but the spirit of a people who appreciate what is a gift to us: community. Come hear the sounds of Spanish Rock/Pop/Indie and electronic dance music (EDM) with a twist.

Host ::: Full Spectrum

Music ::: LGA (aka Luis Gabriel Aguilera) playing Spanish Rock/Pop/Indie tunes

DJ Resident ::: Danny Livewire

Where ::: Sonotheque ::: Chicago ::: 1444 W. Chicago Avenue ::: 312.226.7600

Time ::: 9pm - 2am

Donation ::: $3

"We do the work. You set the vibe."

aka THE

The Livewire is an intricate part of Chicago’s
dance music community. As a DJ, Producer, Promoter, VJ and all around Electronic Artist; he plays an exciting style that incorporates the best elements of house, experimental, electro, and techno.

He has established himself as a fundamental player of a growing society inside the city where house music was born. The Livewire was the once Station Manager of WZRD Chicago 88.3 fm, where his radio-station has been a beacon for new sounds and movements of the underground. His radio-show featured weekly with revolutionary political commentary, innovative mixing, live interviews/performances, and banging tunes from all across the globe.

Producing dance music in Chicago has given him the chance to work with some of the best in the business.Cajual/Relief Records, Prosthetic Pressings, and Kompute Musik are just some of the labels that he belongs to. He also used to promote raves with The Treehouse Collective, electro
dance parties with The Android Kult, and artistic expression with Hi-Fi Hearts.

A label is only a name though, and his real purpose is to push forward the evolution of art and technology. His sound has evolved from initially being a live pa techno artist, to now being a full-fledged DJ/Producer. Under the mentorship of
Green Velvet, his dance music sound bangs as hard as it is lush.

While sound and music is his main thing, he is also known to make an appearance as a VJ, and on the rare occasion perform VJing and DJing at the same time!

Feel free to contact Danny "The Livewire" directly at:
Visit his myspace page at:
Download music on his webpage:
For a booking schedule, just ask…


For over 20 years, Luis Gabriel Aguilera (LGA) has helped shape Chicago's electronic dance music scene. Beginning in the late 1980s, Luis' active membership with one of the city's then party crews – Ultimate Party Crew – helped in the production of various house and hall parties on Chicago's South Side. A budding vinyl junkie DJ, Luis would also support the early electronic dance music movement by being present to; collecting; and promoting the different dance music genres of the times: early Chicago House, HI-NRG, New Wave, Industrial, etc., knowing well that if one wants to keep good things around, one must nurture them.

In the early 1990s, leaving the insularity of his South Side roots (but not entirely abandoning or dismissing them) and drawn by the more inclusive and global Rave scene, Luis began that bizarre journey that numerous fellow ravers have traversed, eventually landing him as a rave promoter from 1995 – 2001 under the organization moniker of Full Spectrum, which produced notable events such as Bonkers and No Place Like Home with fellow promoters Matt Positive, Izzy One and Josh Grant. Simultaneously, Luis began to dj Happy Hardcore, Techno and Acid Techno across the Midwest and in places like Toronto and Costa Rica. Meanwhile, the University of Chicago alumnus also published Gabriel's Fire (University of Chicago Press, 2000), a memoir recounting Aguilera's more impressionable experiences growing up as an immigrant urban youth—a must read for electronic music aficionados, the urban interested and the every day spiritual seeker.

Currently, Aguilera is playing with one of his other roots: his annual summertime travels to Mexico beginning at thirteen, with the summertime monthly installments of La Poderosa @ Sonotheque. Besides the sounds back home, the early Rock/Pop en Español movement he found in Mexico City, Guanajuato and the beaches of Acapulco and Mazatlan at that tender age heavily influenced Aguilera musically, culturally and spiritually. It wasn’t long before the relaxed, yet festive, Latino vibe fused with the gritty Chicago nightlife he knew and loved. With La Poderosa, LGA is, more than anything, sharing the sounds and moods of a time that were remarkable not only for him but millions of other Latinos present to it in some form who recognized one of the most beautiful gifts given to us: community. But not simply a nostalgic vehicle, with Latin America today vibing electronica, it is time for Luis to come full circle and bring this too to home sweet home Chicago. ¡Que siga la fiesta!

Contact Luis at:

Read Gabriel’s Fire: Google “Luis Gabriel Aguilera Gabriel’s Fire”

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