Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tonight: La Poderosa @ Sonotheque

On Wednesday, July 8th, the ritual continues...

The Summer breezes have arrived and La Poderosa is warmed up. Our travels on these mystical journeys are during the days and nights. Underneath, we feel the smooth and bumpy road. Ahead, the experience swallows us whole as we are captivated by what we hear and see.

Come ride La Poderosa on a global tour of a musical landscape shaped not only by material experience but the spirit of a people who love to dance on moonlit nights. You'll hear the sounds of Spanish Rock/Pop/Indie and electronic dance music (EDM) on one of the most refined sound systems in Chicago. Whether you enjoy Chuntaro Style, Zoe, FOBIA or Gustavo Cerati, this night is a treat to the overall senses. Enjoy it.

Host ::: Full Spectrum

Music ::: LGA (aka Luis Gabriel Aguilera) playing Spanish Rock/Pop/Indie tunes

Encore DJ set ::: Danny Livewire

Where ::: Sonotheque ::: Chicago ::: 1444 W. Chicago Avenue ::: 312.226.7600

Time ::: 9pm - 2am

Donation ::: $3

Facebook ::: Full Spectrum

"We do the work. You set the vibe."

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crs said...

See you there!