Sunday, September 18, 2011


along w/ Full Spectrum’s very own Luis Gabriel Aguilera present:
(A D.I.Y. * do it yourself * & D.I.T. * do it together* Series! Tak!)


Saturday, September 24th – 8pm - 2am – Free, no cover
Hosted by Luis Gabriel Aguilera (techno and experimental electronic music by LGA to download)
@ Maria’s: 960 W. 31st St., Chicago, Il. 60608, 773-890-0588

(Thanks to those of you have been supporting this series on the weekdays. Normally, we hold HFTM on a Thursday, but this time around, Saturday it is!)

Maria's: Voted 2011 Top 5 craft brew bar by Chicago Magazine!!! Full Spectrum's very own careful selection in underground electronic music is right @ home with Maria's careful selection in brews, amazing cocktails by excellent mixologists, and fondness for what makes things right: community.


Drawing from a collection of local, national and international mixtapes that includes (but not limited to) the following electronic music genres and sub-genres: HI-NRG, Italo Disco, early 80s House, 90s Industrial, Freestyle, Early Breaks, 90s New Wave, House, Techno, Tech House, Drum ‘n Bass, Trance, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Breakbeat, Goa, West Coast House, Speedcore, etc., Full Spectrum's very own LGA transmits for the evening well-crafted mixtape sets from some of the best DJs he's come across over the years as a collector, all in their original cassette tape format!

You will hear what was once considered cutting edge but still remains fresh to the ears – an electronica history lesson for all. Basically, it's BACK TO BASICS!

Is Luis playing vinyl at HFTM? He hasn’t so far. But anything can happen for this special Saturday edition. He’s definitely pondering playing some revolutionary electronic tunes in their entirety for the beginning of the night. So come out early for this one, grab yourself a beer or one of the wonderful Maria's cocktails and get ready to be sound phucked. Because there are no “fillers” in Luis’ music collection.

And IF you have a mixtape from those early days, come bring it by, and we’ll see about playing it…


A TASCAM 302 Double Auto Reverse Cassette Deck (The BEAST which has never eaten up any of Luis' tapes!)

This bad boy has built-in Dolby HX Pro sound technology which extends frequency response and minimizes distortion on Normal, Metal or CrO2 tape. The 302 permits fine adjustment of high frequency response and possesses Dolby B and C noise reduction. Frequency response: 25 Hz to 20 kHz using high quality Metal tape.

The unit consist of two fully independent cassette decks housed in one 3U rack-mountable enclosure. Both decks have independent sets of interface connectors, transport control keys, noise reduction functions, LED peak meters and more, capable of recording both independently or simultaneously. With Control I/O and Cascade, the 302 can link with up to ten additional machines. (You got that, Charlie?)

The machine even has separate pitch controls for each deck and independent outs — so you can literally mix with it! Craziness…



At this time, Full Spectrum would like to acknowledge the following DJ artists, electronic music producers, sound & lights crews and anyone else we’ve worked over the years that have provided the pieces to put it all together: Acid Pimp, After Glow, Anabolic Frolic, Angel Alanis, Ant, Arlan Derussy, C4, Casper, Crescent City Lights and Sound (New Orleans), CZR, Dan Xanthous, Dave Holland, Dave Siska, Dan Efex, Delta 9, Derek Plaslaiko, The Dever, Diversified Audio, DEEON, Drop Bass Network, Dynamic Groove, Electrolyte F/X (Pittsburgh), FACTORe, Fast Eddie, Frankie Vega, Gaby “Get Down,” Isaac “Kickin’ It” Curiel, DJ Hyperactive, Indieo, DJ Jes, East Coast Boogieman, JJ Hawes, Jon Dica, Joshua Moseley, Kevin Cunningham, Kurt Eckes, L.I.M.E., Lion, Mad Chiller, Maddgroove, Magda, Magic Lantern, Malik Bader, Mario “Live it Up” Luna, Mark Almaria, Mark Martin, Marty McFly, Matthew Bandy, Matt Massive, Matt Positive (aka Matt Laffey), MC Storm, Michael Patrick, Mike Dearborn, Mike Derer, Mike Huckaby, Mike Koachway, Miles Maeda, Mushgroove, Noel Sanger, Paul Anthony, DJ Phil of Free Art, Positive Kids, Raphael “Ito” Garcia, Raul Valencia, Reid Speed, Rees Urban, Rick Guerrero, DJ Roughneck, Roy Davis Jr., DJ Rush, Scott Smokin’ Silz, DJ Slash, Slacker, Steve Tanruther, Stymie, Submerge 101, DJ Sy, Terrence Parker, Thee-O, 3rd Rail, DJ 3D, Tigger, Thomas Cross, Tommie Sunshine, Unknown, WHPK Radio 88.5 FM, and Will Bowin. If we missed you here, we got you in spirit!

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