Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Full Spectrum presents La Poderosa @ Sonotheque

On Wednesday, June 10th, we continue the ritual...

Come ride La Poderosa on a global tour of a musical landscape shaped not only by material experience but the spirit of a people who love to dance on moonlit nights. You will hear the sounds of Spanish Rock/Pop/Indie & electronic dance music (EDM) in bright and colorful fashion, much like Che Guevara's own mystical metal horse journey, on one of the most refined sound systems in Chicago.

Host ::: LGA (aka Luis Gabriel Aguilera) playing Spanish Rock/Pop/Indie tunes

DJ Set ::: Danny Livewire

Where ::: Sonotheque ::: 1444 W. Chicago Ave. ::: 312.226.7600

Time ::: 9pm - 2am

Donation ::: $3

"We do the work. You set the vibe."

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ChicagoMusicExchange said...

Written Up in Newcity right after the Crystal Method show as the top 5 things to do!!!


Fuggin sweeeeeet man!!!

Also, if you have a moment, check out where I work.... it's one of the best places in the Nation to get Vintage Guitars...