Saturday, November 17, 2012

WE'RE excited for the return of this wonderful (and free) MUSIC & VISUAL sensory series @ Maria's Packaged Goods & Community Bar for the 2012-2013 ski/snowboard season. Yeah, we know it's Chicago and we here pretty much live in flatland. But that doesn't mean we don't have present and aspiring powder hounds in the city that want to swap mountain stories or just folks wanting to catch this very cool vibe. And with so much positive feedback last year, we had to do it again.

Our "kick-off" event featuring LGA (aka Luis Gabriel Aguilera) & the return of SNOW DOCTA' is Friday, November 30th.  And we've just been informed that Kyle Glasner will be turning out some of his vinyl for the opening party - some wicked house tunes for the late night crowd.

Come out early. There will be no "fillers" in what audio goodies we have in store for you - everything from 60s and 70s groove lounge to glitch tech madness. Remember to bring the helmets, goggles, bad sweaters, or whatever else you find to be ski/snowboard chic. Full Spectrum has been getting us down since 1997, but it's the crowd that has brought the vibe.

Cheers! Stola! Salud!

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